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Heritage FA Limited In Compulsory Liquidation

Case Summary

Heritage FA Limited - in Liquidation 

In the High Court of Justice No. 9337 of 2015 

A winding up order was made against the above company on 9 March 2016 and Duncan Beat of RSM was appointed Liquidator on 25 May 2016. 

The company’s principal business activities were acting as a commission agent and the selling of a variety of goods. The latter involved the sale of Fancy Coloured Diamonds, gold and artwork.

Role of Liquidator

My principal role as Liquidator is to realise the company assets and if sufficient funds are received, to agree creditors’ claims and distribute the proceeds to creditors in accordance with their legal priorities.

Whilst it is the Official Receiver's responsibility to carry out the statutory investigation into the company’s affairs, it is the Liquidator’s duty to establish whether there are any potential recovery actions which could be brought for the benefit of creditors.  

Should there be any matters regarding the company’s affairs prior to the liquidation that you believe would assist me in my performance of my duties, I would be pleased to receive details, in writing.

Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Please refer to the seperate Microsite page for up to date information in relation to investors who have purchased Fancy Coloured Diamonds.


Please refer to the seperate Microsite page for up to date information in relation to investors who have purchased Gold.

Dividend to Creditors

Once the assets have been realised and our investigations completed, I should have a clearer indication of the dividend prospects for unsecured creditors.  

In order to reduce the costs of the liquidation, please note that proof of debt forms will not be acknowledged.


Please refer to the Microsite for up to date information on this case or contact Kim Reynolds at our Chelmsford office on 01245 211040 ( if you have any queries.







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